Archana Jose Kavi Biography Body Measurements Height Weight Bra Size

Archana Jose Kavi BiographyArchana Jose Kaviyil is one of the mainly beautiful and brilliant Bollywood TV actress and vital crowd in Bollywood movie and TV industry and Archana Kavi get the fame in the industry by the beautiful act in the phase stage show and too popular as her stage name Archana Kavi.

Archana Jose Kavi Biography

Archana Jose Kaviyil was born on January 4, 1990 in New Delhi, India. She get her early on studies in the Delhi at St. Xavier’s School and get her study in company management from Mar Augustinose university Delhi. Her father of the actress Archana Kavi named Jose Kaviyil who was a acting as a senior reporter and her mother named Rosamma.

Archana Kavi began her profession in the film industry from the TV hosting and later a few times Archana Kavi became greatly celebrated to the people of the country by her look on the TV shows. Later a few time the movie director Lal Jose speckled her and accessible a movie to her in (2009). The movie was a uppermost winning movie in the industry and she performed her personality so fine in the movie that get appreciation from the people.

Later Archana Kavi union the film industry in her achieve in much of the hot movies of the industry. the directors of the movies were a lot other better-off than the drama and they too supposed that Archana Kavi has in born gift that amuse the people a lot and Archana Jose performs all of the personality known in the movies so well and logically.

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Archana Kavi a few of the mainly wonderful burning movies of the actress are scheduled for example Neelathaamara in (2009), Mummy & Me in (2010), Best of Luck in (2011), Honey Bee in (2013) and a lot of others. The actress Archana Kavi too win numerous of the awards for her top look and act on the display.

Archana Jose Kavi Biography, Breast Size, Body Measurements, Height, Weight & Bra Size:

Archana Jose KaviNick Name: Archana Kavi
Horoscope: N/A
Archana Jose KaviDate of Birth: 4 January 1990
Archana Jose KaviWeight in Kg: 57 kg
in Pounds: N/A
Bra Size: 34
Breast: 34B
Hips Size: 34 inch
Archana Jose KaviHeight in Feet: 5 feet 9 inches
Archana Jose Kaviin Centimeter: N/A
Waist: 28 inches
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Shoe Size: 9
Status: Not Available
Archana Jose KaviAffairs/Boyfriend: N/A
Upcoming: Not Available
Archana Jose KaviNet Worth: N/A

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