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John ChristopherJohnnyDepp II (born June 9, 1963) is an United Stated actor, producer, & musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. He rose to prominence on the 1980s TV series 21 Jump Street, becoming a teen idol.

At the period of 20, Depp meet Lori Allison & fell in love among her. After at times, he got matrimonial with Lori at the age of 25 & the couple motivated to Los Angeles. Depp’s wife introduces him to performer, Nicolas Cage who saw potential in Depp and introduces him to the singer of Hollywood.

After a few years, Depp split from Allison & met Sherilyn Fenn on the position of Dummies film (1985). They both begin dating every other but bankrupt up after a little time. After his fracture up with Sherilyn, Depp future to another actress, Jennifer Grey. Depp’s love story among Jennifer also lasted for only little years.

Depp succeed in changing his image (1990) and in the similar year, he conventional one of biggest opportunity of his life to show his adaptability as a performer in the Tim Burton’s Fantasy movie named, “Edward Scissorhands” which became one of the mainly successful movies, Johnny Depp has always done.

Depp also started prosperous and gaining fame among people as of his talented character. There are different well-known roles that Depp has done like Sam in Benny and Joon, Gilbert in What’s consumption Gilbert Grape (1993).

After little years, Depp met a further French singer; model and performer name Vanessa Paradis. Later Paradis became with child and gave birth to a youngster.

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Johnny Depp Personal Information and Wiki:

Full Name: John Christopher Depp II
Nicknames of of Johnny Depp : Colonel, Mr. Stench, Johnny Depp
Occupation: Actor, Producer, Director, Musician
Date of Birth ofJohnny Depp : June 9, 1963
Johnny Depp Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky, U.S.
Associated acts: Rock City Angels, P, Hollywood Vampires
Johnny Depp Height: 5′ 10″
Johnny Depp Net worth: ($400 million)

Johnny Depp Favorite Color, Movie, Singers, Hobbies, and Other Things:

Hobbies of Johnny Depp : Collecting dolls and Guns, Watching cartoons, Listening music, Playing guitar
Favorite Food of Johnny Depp : Mexican food
Johnny Depp Favorite Music: The Rolling Stones, Taraf de Haidouks
Johnny Depp Favorite Film Roles: Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)
Zodiac Sign of Johnny Depp : Gemini
Genres: Rock
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, piano, drums
Johnny Depp Favorite Movie: All movies of Al Pacino’
Favorite Sports of Johnny Depp : Football
Favorite Book: The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson, ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce
Johnny Depp Favorite Color: Black

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