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Sir CharlieSir Charlie Chaplin Favorite:

One of the leading stars of the silent movie era, Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16 April, 1889. Charlie Chaplin spent an extremely complex youth because of the poor quality.

As his father was absent & his mother only was powerless to fulfill the economic need so Charlie had to go to a workhouse double even before attainment the age of 9.

In order to fulfill the monetary needs of his relations, Charlie Chaplin in progress drama as a stage performer and comedian at a very early age. After receiving encouraged by his bent, he was sign by Fred Karno company for occupation which took Chaplin to US.

He made his movie 1st debut in 1914 with a role in making a Living and soon residential the Tramp Persona which complete him one of the most fames personality in the earth within just a little years. After establish himself as a celebrity of the movie industry, Chaplin co founded a sharing company America Artists (1919) in order to get more manage over his movies. Charlie Chaplin was a multifaceted individual which is why he second-hand to write, direct, edit, produce, and create the music of his movie himself.

Sir Charlie Chaplin Personal Information and Wiki:

Full Name: Charles Spencer Chaplin
Nicknames of of Sir Charlie Chaplin : Charlie, Charlot, The Little Tramp
Occupation: Actor, Comedian
Date of Birth ofSir Charlie Chaplin : April 16, 1889
Sir Charlie Chaplin Birthplace: London, England
Zodiac Sign of Sir Charlie Chaplin : Aries
Years active: 1899–1976
Spouse(s): Mildred Harris (m. 1918; div. 1920), Lita Grey (m. 1924; div. 1927)
Paulette Goddard(m. 1936; div. 1942)
Oona O’Neill (m. 1943; his death 1977)
Children: 11
Relatives: See Chaplin family
Sir Charlie Chaplin Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)
Sir Charlie Chaplin Net worth: $50 million

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Sir Charlie Chaplin Favorite Color, Movie, Singers, Hobbies, and Other Things:

Hobbies of Sir Charlie Chaplin : Watching Movies, Listening Music,
Favorite Food of Sir Charlie Chaplin : Lamb stew, Stewed tripe, Curry
Sir Charlie Chaplin Favorite Music: Richard Wagner
Sir Charlie Chaplin Favorite Perfume: Guerlain’s Mitsouko
Sir Charlie Chaplin Favorite Movie: Battleship Potemkin
Favorite Sports of Sir Charlie Chaplin : Tennis
Favorite Footballer of Sir Charlie Chaplin : n/a
Sir Charlie Chaplin Favorite Color: Black, Blue

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